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Beaver Scouts

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About The Beaver Scout Program

Age group:

Boys and Girls 5 to 7 years of age (Kindergarten to Grade 2).


The Beaver Scout program emphasizes having fun while encouraging children to feel good about themselves, their friends and family, God, and nature. Beaver Scouts helps children learn basic social skills and gain self confidence. The Beaver Scout program promotes activities that encourage children to:

The Beaver Scout program is built around a lively variety of games, crafts, music, storytelling, playacting, spiritual fellowship and the outdoors. Beaver Scout activities stress cooperation and teamwork, and can involve the whole family.

The outdoors is an essential part of the Beaver Scout program. Weekend events, picnics, short nature hikes and family based camping opportunities round out the Beaver Scout experience.

Beaver Scouts meet in a group called a colony. The colony is split into smaller groups called lodges. There is one leader for every five Beaver Scouts. Each Beaver Scout learns a promise, law and motto to help guide their personal development.

Beaver Scout Promise:

I promise to love God and help take care of the world.

Beaver Scout Law:

A Beaver Scout has fun, works hard and helps his family and friends.

Beaver Scout Motto:

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

Friends of the Forest:

The Beaver Scout Program stems from the book "Friends of the Forest", written specifically for Beaver Scouts. The book describes how the Jones family have “come to live in the clearing along the river bank” and how they quickly become aware of their new neighbors, a colony of beavers that also live along the river bank.

The story illustrates how the beaver colony observes the Jones family, giving them names and then eventually how the beavers meet the members of the Jones family, mom, dad and their three children.

The story is the background resource which provides the terminology, setting, theme and program material for operating a Beaver Scout Colony

Forest Names:

The adult leaders and student volunteers are given "Forest Names" based on the characters of the Friends of the Forest story. When a new leader is invested into the colony, the Beaver Scouts choose a name for the leader either from the story or based on an element of nature.

Some of the names you might hear are:

Your child's colony may also have a "Keeo" (an elder Cub Scout who works with the Beaver Scouts)". Keeo is the beaver in the Friends of the Forest story that learns to speak with the Jones family. The Keeo acts as link between the Beaver Scouts and the leaders, and is often used to help plan the Beaver Scout program.

Kits and Investiture:

While learning about Beaver Scouts, your child will be a "kit", a Beaver Scout who is not yet ready to become a formally welcomed member of the colony. After a brief period of training (mostly to learn the background, rules, and expectations for being a Beaver Scout) parents will be invited to attend the "investiture" ceremony to help welcome your child officially into the colony. Once your child has been invested, they become an "eager beaver".

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